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Monday, April 5th

iHola! Today in class, we studied "el cuerpo humano," the human body. We updated our calendario, studied el numero cinco (the number 5), collaborated on jamboard writing and responding to the students' creative sentences and we played kahoot with the older kids! To continue your learning, you can play this kahoot game in Spanish at

Tomorrow, we will look at the solar system. How exciting! See you then!

Hello! Hoy en clase, estudiamos THE HUMAN BODY, el cuerpo humano. Seguimos estudiando el calendario, pensamos en el numero cinco (the number five) y coloboramos en la app JEAMBOARD. Escribimos y damos respuestos a nuestras respuestas creativas. Jugamos KAHHOT con los mayores. A continuar, jugar el juego de kahoot en ingles en

Mañana vamos a estudiar el sistema solar. iQue gracioso! iHasta luego!

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