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Frequently Asked Questions...

What does your program offer?

We offer LIVE daily classes for each age group in your family. You enter the classes through a calendar on the MEMBERS page entitled LIVE CLASS LINKS. Just click the appropriate class at the correct time. Our calendar is in Central Standard Time (CST).

We also offer a Games and Stories Page, a Video Library and a worksheet collection.

Students also have daily access with Mrs. Joanna Gomes, MSEd by email or instant Messenger. I am dedicated to helping your family learn Spanish.

How does it all work?
When you sign up for classes, you are automatically given full access to the membership pages. You can begin checking out all the resources and jump into classes. Your membership is a subscription and will be billed monthly through this website. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please send me an email, or reach out to me on instant messenger.

Registration payments are one-time only payments. Once a year, registration is required for non-members. However, if you are already a subscribed member, no yearly registration is required. At the end of July, those who register will be sent an invite to subscribe as students. Then they can sign up for monthly payments and enjoy ongoing Spanish fun!

What about On-Demand Learning?
On-Demand Learning with accompanying worksheets will begin in September of 2021. This means forty weeks of substantial lessons in Spanish with forty different worksheets. Let's go! This On-Demand Learning is included in your Ultimate Family Program. However, for those who only want the On-Demand program, that subscription is available at a much lower price. 

How many students in each class?
The goal of the program is to keep the class at an appropriate size to inspire continued interest and learning for each student. Mobile Spanish will monitor the classes and maintain optimal class sizes with the learner in mind. If a class needs to be minimized, an additional class time may be offered. The goal is quality more than quantity.

What is the style of learning?
Mobile Spanish has a unique teaching style that encourages conversational Spanish first, combined with the written Spanish for older learners. The goal is to build confidence and practical application of the Spanish we learn. We inspire students to get excited about expressing themselves in Spanish.

What are your qualifications to teach Spanish?

Mrs. Joanna E Gomes, MSEd, founder of, received her Bachelors of Arts in Spanish from The University of South Alabama and her Masters in Education: Online Teaching and Learning from Keiser University. She grew up in a military family, and learned Spanish as a child living in Rota, Spain. Although her parents are Americans, she became fluent in Spanish and knows how to help your family do the same. She loves nothing more, than to inspire people to learn.


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