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iHola todos! Hello everyone.

Feliz Marzo. Happy March. This month we will tell stories using high frequency words. We will incorporate the calendar, the seasons, the weather, clothes, numbers, foods, family and animals! How exciting!

Have you seen Spanish develop in your child since starting my program? I'd love some input to add to my website. Please send me your experience at iGraciasI

Life is uncertain! Keep informed by joining our Remind groups:

Life is good at!!! Jump into class if you haven't yet! You are not too late. Let's go!! I'm cheering for you!

It's a great time to spring into Spanish! Every class is a great starting point! Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions or obstacles you may have in learning Spanish.

I love being your Spanish Teacher!

Sra Joanna E Gomes, MSEd


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