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Happy November!

iHola todos! (Hey everyone!) Happy November. This month we will focus on gratitude and thankfulness as we learn about professions and the nouns and artifacts associated with many of them. We will conjugate verbs and have fun!

We will be using Live Interactive Worksheets in class. Here is one your student can do on their own about the days of the week. It is self correcting. I will go over how these worksheets work in class. There are even some for the youngest students. Here are some:

I'm excited about incorporating more living worksheets as we learn Spanish and play games.

Please notice the new LIVE learning schedule: There are no more Live Classes on Mondays. Please join classes Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for LIVE Classes, and utilize the on-demand lessons and activities for the other days. To receive high school credit, students should be involved in Spanish for 1 hour each week. This is very doable at

I hope that each family continues to enjoy and learn Spanish.

Please remember me in your giving.

Donations are received PayPal.Me/MobileSpanish


I love teaching your family Spanish.


Joanna E Gomes, MSEd

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