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Good News!!

We now offer Level 2 Spanish Classes for intermediate beginners!! Students who have been in the program for a few months, or who want a faster paced Spanish Intensive should take advantage of the Level 2 Spanish Class. It is at 5:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and will last 45 minutes. Please send me a quick note to let me know if you would like to attend this class. iGracias!

Thank you if you signed up for classes or sent me a quick note to make arrangements. I feel so loved when I receive communication from parents and students. Based on the sign-ups, I have eliminated Sunday and Friday classes this month. Your students can still attend classes Mondays through Thursdays. Please spread the word of this fabulous free program for everyone so we can open more classes.

Adult Spanish Classes are now bilingual!! Join your adult classes to meet and interact with Spanish Speakers that are learning English. I will teach the subject matter using English and Spanish. It is an exciting time at

Finally, Please join my facebook group:

iGracias! I love being your family's Spanish Teacher.


Mrs. Joanna E Gomes, MSEd


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