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Classes are not cancelled, but payment is.

iHola! If you are among the very few families who have signed up to give monthly subscription, you will see that I have cancelled your subscription. However, CLASSES ARE NOT CANCELLED.

Your child can still come to my top-notch classes. Same time, same place.

I have to change how I do business, because we are in trying times. I hope that my free classes will draw more people who can give a little bit, so that I can pay the bills of this endeavor. As it is right now, I am already working for free, with no room to grow. For example, I have to pay $588 to my internet host (WIX) by the end of September. And there are monthly bills involved as well. This teaching endeavor is certainly not free. We are not going to make that payment as it is. Making my classes free should help us attract new people, who might can each give a little.

Classes are by donation only. If you have already given me money within a month, I thank you for that donation. I deeply appreciate your patronage.

I commit to you that I will teach your children Spanish, especially if you've been with me before this time of transition. We just might have to get creative =).

Thank you for trusting me to teach your family Spanish. Please spread the word. Surely, everyone can afford my service now. Private classes are available upon request.

iGracias! Jooanna

Mrs. Joanna E Gomes, MSEd

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