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Your student, ages 6-9 (ish) , will learn and practice reading! He or she will develop and build on reading skills. Our focus is on phonics first, and then accuracy in spelling,


He/she will explore and experience fractions using manipulatives, games and challenges. The goal is to develop number sense in the fraction department. The study of fractions naturally includes ratios, decimals and percentages. We will play with each of these concepts each week. Your child will learn that fractions are fun! 


Each week we will speak Spanish together! We will sing and tell stories using high-frequency conversational sentence frames! Super fun and very empowering! This is conversational Spanish. The focus will be speaking, not reading or writing...but some words will be shown.


Each week we will talk about inventors and inventions. What was the world before each invention we learn about? How did the world change? What new invention came as a result of the invention we are studying? This builds historical literacy and curiosity, establishes a cause-and-effect worldview and creates a venue for the expression of thoughtful conversation in an educational environment. 


Group Play will be throughout all the activities. They will have half-hour of open play with friends. 


Your child's confidence will soar because of this class!


Tuesdays 9am-2:40pm

March 4, 11, 18, 25  at the TeachM::bile Student Center.

6425 Hillcrest Park Court, Suite B


Fractions, Spanish, Inventions, Group Play

Terrific Tuesdays March: Kids Ages 6-9

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