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Did you know that anxiety, discomfort and sleepiness are the biggest obstacles to success on the ACT test? Help your student train with TeachM::bile's ACT Simulation Experience!


Bring your student to the center at 8 am on a Sunday Morning. They will take a mock ACT! English, Math, 10 minute break, Reading, Science. 

It's so hard to sit still that long, with the incredible focus to answer 215 questions! 


Students can stay longer to take the writing component, if they wish for an additional $15.


Tests are given and scores are calculated before they leave! What a relief to see immediate results! Nothing empowers your student more than practice, training and resources!


Students will need to bring a high protein snack and drink. Your student should arrive at 7:50. No one should be admitted after 8AM...but we will allow it, unlike the real ACT Test.

ACT Simulation May 26

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