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iFeliz primavera! Happy Spring!

Hello everyone! iHola Todos! I am super excited about Springtime at Mobile Spanish!

We will practice the vocabulary and high frequency phrases that pertain Spring weather, the calendar, nature and animals in their habitats and landscape vocabulary. We will also visit the seven continents to see their mountains, plains, volcanoes, hills, desserts and beaches. This upcoming month is all about exploring our world in beginning level Spanish! Fun! Fun! Fun!

I'd like to welcome our new students! We have several this month! I'm so happy that you joined our program! MobileSpanish began in October of 2020! Our small endeavor is growing slowly and steadily! My goal is to engage families as they learn Spanish so it's easy and fun!

Are you an adult interested in learning Spanish? If there is enough response, I will offer an intensive 5 week Adult Beginning Class from Mondays through Thursdays 7:00 to 8:30 CST beginning April 25 to June 2. The cost is $299 for 30 hours of classes. Extreme value. Students will be required to purchase their book on Let's start talking: Spanish Foundations: A beginner's level guide to speaking Spanish: 9781534685185: Stevens III, David E, Vallejo, Pedro, Holder, Frances: Libros Please let me know if you are interested. Weekly pre-payment is okay.

NO CLASS ON APRIL 21. I'll be at a conference.

Beginning April 28th, the evening Middle School/High School Class will no longer meet at that time. I can offer that middle/high school class on Thursday mornings at 11:30 am if parents request it by sending me an email.

Please join my remind classes to stay in the know:

Life is uncertain! Keep informed by joining our Remind groups:

iGracias! Thank you for trusting me to teach your family Spanish.

I appreciate all the prompt payment and the word of mouth advertising.

Thanks again, Joanna

Mrs. Joanna E Gomes, MSEd


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