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iFeliz otoño! Happy fall!

We are having so much fun learning everything about describing the house at!! It's a lot of fun teaching your families Spanish. I'd love to hear if you have seen your children using the Spanish they are learning. Thank you.

SCHEDULE CHANGE FOR NOVEMBER: In November, I am moving Monday classes to Tuesdays. Same times. I will only offer Written Elementary in the morning. If you attend the Middle/High School group, come the evening session on Tuesdays.

I will not change October's schedule.

Here is the class schedule starting in November (CST):

Tuesdays: Preschool 9am-9:30, Unwritten 9:30-10, Written 10:30-11

Level2 Beginner 530-6:15 Middle/High School 7-7:30

Wednesdays: Preschool 9am-9:30 Unwritten 9:30-10, Written 1030-11, MsHs 11-1130

Thursdays: Level2 Beginner 530-6:15 Written 6:30-7 Middle/High School 7-7:30

Tuition please! If you are unable to pay tuition, please send me an email. Suggested donation for tuition is $5/class. You can remit your donation to or email me for my address if you prefer to mail me a check.

Thank you for the the three families who paid at the beginning of October.

From November, I will dismantle the calendar LIVE CLASS LINKS and I will send you the links in the email that I will send you at the end of October. This saves money and time and serves as a reminder to families to donate or send me an email indicating that you cannot donate.

I enjoy teaching Spanish! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity! As more students show interest, I will offer online learning everyday. Until then, we can continue to learn Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I'm cheering for each of our families!

Your Happay Spanish Teacher,

Mrs. Joanna E Gomes, MSEd

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